Our Tiling Gallery

We're pretty proud of our work. These are just a very small selection of some of our favourite images from the many different jobs we do.  Always happy to come around with a few beers and have a slide night for you if you want to see the lot! 

  • Making sure everything is spotless
  • Tiled area of office floor and balcony.
  • Tiling around some unique basins
  • External tiling needs to handle the rigour of weather.
  • Applying the grout to the new tiles
  • Finished window and walls and towel rack attached for measure.
  • Dog's eye view of the shower corner and bathroom floor.
  • Newly tiled shower area and bathroom splashback
  • Wide expanse of tiling in corporate toilets
  • Some finishing touches to the serving hatch
  • The completed serving hatch and kitchen
  • Ahh, a well framed master tiler!